INTER Tour 365

All-year-round insurance cover, valid in all countries of the world without the need to notify the travel planned, both for leisure and in connection with work performed in the medical profession.

  1. Annual tourist insurance valid all over the world
  2. No limit of trips during the insurance period and no need to notify the trip to the insurer
  3. No limit of the Insured’s age
  4. Insurance of risks connected with the pursuing of amateur sports (including skiing, snowboarding, diving to 15 m)
  5. Costs of search and rescue operations at sea and on land – including with the use of a helicopter
  6. Cover connected with work abroad in a medical profession
  7. Concierge services – including hotel booking, organising interpreter’s assistance, booking a taxi, organisation of car servicing, booking cinema and theatre tickets
  • you buy insurance for a year, pay one premium, and travel as much as you want
  • the insurance covers trips which are maximum 45 days long but the number of trips is not important
  • by selecting the family option, you provide protection for the entire family, regardless of the number of its members. Partners in a joint household are also treated as a family
  • the policy may be bought together with your professional insurance – thanks to this you will receive an attractive discount in the medical TPL insurance

Individual option – 365-day cover

Family option – 365-day cover for the entire family

Annual premium – PLN 217

Annual premium – PLN 498

insurance covering costs of treatment and assistance during travel

accident insurance

private TPL insurance

PLN 250,000 – for each Insured

PLN 15,000 - for each Insured

PLN 250,000 (personal losses), PLN 25,000 (financial losses) – for each Insured

Hospitalisation, outpatient treatment, doctor’s fees and appointments

Death as a result of an accident

Third-party liability of the Insured for third-party losses connected among other things with:

  • looking after minor children

  • possession and use of property, including rented or leased property

  • looking after pets during travel (dog, cat)

  • Pursuing of amateur recreational sports

Dental treatment – max PLN 600


Medication, dressings, orthopaedic devices prescribed by the doctor


Pregnancy – up to PLN 600 in total for max. 2 doctor’s appointments

Assistance – services connected with an accident abroad, provided within the territory of Poland after the Insured’s return home

  • Costs of rehabilitation – up to PLN 500

  • Organisation of rental and purchase of rehabilitation equipment – up to PLN 200

  • Delivery of medication – up to PLN 100

  • Transport to and from a facility and between facilities – up to PLN 1,000

  • Home help – up to PLN 300

  • Information about access to medical services

Transport to and from a facility or between facilities

Return transport to Poland


Search and rescue operations in the mountains, on land, on water – max PLN 25,000


Earlier return in the case of a sudden illness/death of a family member or a loss connected with the Insured’s property within the territory of Poland


Non-refundable financial assistance in the case of loss of cash as a result of a robbery or ATM withdrawal – max PLN 1000


Concierge services: Organisation of an interpreter, booking tickets, tables at a restaurant, etc.